Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Why Missionaries Fail Part 13

Jim and his wife arrived here in the Gringo Zone, all excited about being real live missionaries who were receiving financial support from churches in the US. A good musician, Jim could keep the Mexican kids entertained with hymns they did not understand, while his wife failed miserably as an orphanage worker. They wound up at the local Baptist church, where Jim became song leader. In his first service, he felt "led of the Spirit" to go off into goofy music that caused a church split and he was fired after his first week.

Heading to the local Assemblies of God church, the two of them blamed their failure on the Baptists, caused conflict there, and returned to the US.

They failed in their original ministry, caused problems in two churches, and returned to the US--all within six months. But Jim sure was a good musician.

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