Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our Enemies in Heaven Part 11

Judah Saves the Day Part 1

Before returning to Egypt, the Israelites faced a leadership problem. Jacob wanted to abandon his son Simeon in Egypt, rather than risk losing Benjamin (a picture of the Church). Reuben offers to let Jacob murder Reuben's two sons (Jacob's grandsons) if Reuben fails to bring Benjamin back. A man who would make that kind of offer lacks wisdom and Godliness, and Jacob rejects the offer. Then Judah makes an offer. He offers himself as surety for the lad, and wisely points out that if they hadn't delayed so much, they would already have returned. Judah's wisdom shows that he had begun to fear the Lord. He still had a way to go, but Judah is appointed leader by his father, and off they go to Egypt.