Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Was Barnabas Right? Part 11

Folks, I'm not even sure that this next story is true. W.E.B. Griffin has written a successful series of historical fiction novels about the US Marine Corps. Using inside information and tales from veterans, combined with actual history, he has assembled a fascinating series of Marine tales.

After Japan had invaded China, but before they had bombed Pearl Harbor, the US, Japan, and Italy all had Marines stationed in China. The Christian Missionary Alliance had a base, and the director's wife was promiscuous, even with US Marines. A new young missionary arrived, and she seduced him the very first night. They got caught, and the husband made him sign all kinds of confessions that would destroy his ministry if revealed, and then they covered it up.

Remembering that THE STORY MIGHT NOT BE TRUE, I would have advised the young man to get back to the US by any means he could, report everything that had happened, get a secular job, and get out of the CMA. Two pastor friends here agree with me except for the last part. Bypassing their doctrinal differences, they see no need for him to leave the group.

How would you have advised him?