Saturday, December 10, 2011

Why Missinaries Fail Part 14

Folks, I've seen this here in Mexico, and I've seen it in the US. If you are a good musician, you can get away with murder. I have seen talented musicians drive people out of the church, drive off rival musicians, openly rebel, and use musical ability as a means of gaining political power within the church. It is amazing how far a musician can advance in Christian work without God. That doesn't mean that there aren't very many dedicated Christians who sacrifice their time and effort in order to serve the Lord through music. But it does mean that an immature Christian can wind up on the mission field, and without enough people to listen to his music, find himself a failure.

Most Christian musicians really do love God. But they hear enough praise and gratitude that they sometimes forget that it takes more than musical ability to succeed as a missionary.

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