Sunday, December 28, 2008

Welcome Back!

Folks, God has blessed us with a good year in Mexico.

We have a lot of retired Christians here in the Gringo Zone of Mexico, and there are a lot of hard feelings when older Christians feel that they should be leaders--far more leaders than are needed. In our three-and-a half years in Mexico, we have seen two Christian churches close, five missionary families leave after failing, and one church badly damaged by a small group of people who seized control. 

At the same time, we began the year averaging seven kids for Saturday morning cartoons in one station wagon, and we are now averaging thirty kids in three vehicles. Wednesday night children's church is running about a dozen, and the Christian cartoons at the orphanage are also running about a dozen. We're hoping and praying for more opportunities to serve the Lord in 2009.

Why do some Christians fail and others succeed? Is it sin, is it methods, or is it how you understand the Word of God? We'll be going through a series, posted about twice a week, of short, interesting explanations about how to succeed in God's work.


JTR said...

Not sure if you saw this in chat, but I wanted to invite you to join

Vince said...

Welcome aboard, JTR.