Friday, August 8, 2014

My professor defined wisdom as "the ability to apply Scripture to a specific situation." I feel that a better definition is "the ability to apply knowledge to a specific situation."

But the professor still amazed me as he cited verse after verse about the value of wisdom:

1) It provides happiness 3:13
2) It gives you glory 3:35
3) It's the principal thing 4:7
4) It's better than everything else 8:11
5) It's the key to other virtues 8:12 This was a flaw in the professor’s teaching-he made every virtue sharply distinct from the others, when they actually overlap and build each other. Without wisdom, it is difficult or impossible to advance to other virtues.
6) Wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord 9:10
7) Wisdom produces helpful, truthful talk 12:18, plus the verses surrounding it. Also 15:2 & 16:23
8) Associating with wise men gives you wisdom 13:20
9) Better than gold 16:16
10) Makes you strong  24:5 Yelling "Don't quit!" over and over can help. But wisdom gives Christ's servants the strength to keep going when things get rough.

Wisdom is the principal thing. Therefore, get wisdom.

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