Sunday, November 10, 2013

Human Resources--in the bad sense

I have wondered for decades why I am looking for fallen graduates of my Bible college, when no one else is. One Godly leader from my college, who is now in Heaven, used to do it as well, but I cannot find anyone else.

While researching a problem for a troubled Christian, I came across a hatesite dedicated to a Bible college similar to mine. It is an unaccredited Ruckmanite school, run by a single megachurch, that requires its students to perform a lot of service for the church while not giving them a genuine college education.

The posts were about six years old, and contained the usual complaints about being forced to live for God and obey man-made rules when the person didn't want to. As usual, the posters eventually broke out in hatred for each other. They could not produce any evidence of fraud or immorality against the pastor.

But one poster explained my own situation. The college used its students as "resources." They were there to produce numbers. When it was clear that a student needed to leave, he was pressured to stay and keep paying tuition money. He was not informed that the college would never recommend him for a ministry, and that his credits would probably not transfer to a real college.

I am in contact with graduates, some of whom excelled in their Christian service, who hate the college today.

Attending an unaccredited college is almost always a mistake. My own college falsified records, encouraged gang violence, provided a sorry education, slanders its critics, and discards its victims.

And attending a Ruckmanite college is always a mistake.

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