Friday, March 22, 2013


One of the most colossal failures in American Christianity is the collapse of the Christian school movement. At one point in the 1970's, a new Christian school opened every seven hours. With better discipline and better academics, Christian schools were a major embarrassment to the jealous public school system.

And the churches got a side benefit, as the teachers also served in church ministries, teaching Sunday School, running bus routes, and volunteering in other areas. Plus, the spouses and families of the teachers were an asset to the church. It is no wonder that the Christian school movement thrived.

But today, most of them are gone, and most of the teachers don't even attend church. Time and again, enraged parents would get a teacher fired for making their child behave. Wanting the tuition money, Christian schools would get rid of Godly teachers and keep ungodly students (along with their ungodly parents). In my ten years of teaching, I observed that less than half of all Christian school teachers entered their third year. A Christian school teacher with twenty or thirty years of experience was unheard of.

"Wisdom is the principal thing" the Bible tells us; "Therefor, get wisdom." The consistent lack of wisdom of Christian school leaders destroyed what was once a mighty work of God.

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