Monday, August 18, 2008

The Wrong Leader

Ge 31:43 ¶ And Laban answered and said to Jacob...what can I do this day to these my daughters or to their children whom they have borne?

Laban organized his brethren and pursued Jacob for seven days. He was the leader, and people who followed him might have received leadership positions in his "posse." But Laban, after all the bluster and effort, accomplished nothing.

He didn't get his daughters back. He didn't get his grandchildren back. Of all the blesings that God gave Jacob, Laban got none of it back. He didn't even get his household gods back, and God didn't even want Jacob to have them in the first place.

Brethren, DON'T follow leaders who aren't being blessed by God!

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freeatlast said...

Hi Vince, I linked over to you from the "Battered Sheep" web site. I long to move to Mexico and may someday soon. How is it so far? As for the blog I want to comment on the last sentence. We should not follow ANY man, any time, but follow Christ only. How can we tell if a man is blessed of God, money, followers etc? It may seem a man is being blessed by filling up a building with his charismatic preaching and all he is doing is disconnecting his listeners from the true Head, Christ. Probably the Biblical way of seeing if a man is blessed of God is if he is hated and presecuted by the religous establishment.....Hum?