Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pr 14:35 ¶ The king's favor is toward a wise servant...
Pr 11:30 ¶... he who wins souls is wise.

These two verses help explain the helpless anger that some Christians feel as they watch God bless their enemies. When Christians set out to follow Jesus wholeheartedly, Jesus works in their lives to make them fishers of men. They then go through trials, tests, temptations, and troubles that most Christians rarely experience. The result is a harvest of souls saved.

But Christians who do not have this spiritual growth don't understand what is going on. They see the results of Satan's attacks on the soul-winners, and they attribute these results to ungodliness on the part of the soul-winner. They don't understand that they, personally, do not undergo these same attacks because they are not spiritual enough to handle them.

Many Godly men, churches, and colleges have "Christian hatesites" dedicated to them. There, Christians who have failed to obey the Great Commission can blast away at the failings of those who are more successful then them.

The result? God keeps blessing His Godly servants, and the critics are bypassed for success.

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